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我没有惊慌。我们不会有危险。我只是给Greg把微笑说:“你已经得到了这个!我信任你。” I gave the kids some Oreos and continued enjoying my book.





我公司uldn’t help but wonder how many other times I panicked and tried to force things to go my way and missed out on God’s miracles and provision.


This past week, I have thought a lot about that day with the minivan battery.The way I trusted God and trusted Greg to figure things out and I just rested in their love and provision for me, no worries at all.

God doesn’t have to worry about unexpected things happening to Him, thankfully.He is sovereign.He is good.He is all-knowing and all-wise.

So here we all are, in the midst of something that could be frightening if we didn’t know God and didn’t have His love, provision, and promises.But He is with us.If we know Jesus, we are not in this alone.He is right here with us.

How much more can I trust God to provide for me right now than with the minivan incident?

I don’t have to figure everything out.I don’t have to know the plan.My job is just to focus on the things God has asked me to do: love Him and love others, share the gospel, and make disciples.And I can just go right on resting in His great love for me and in His provision.

No, I don’t know God’s plans or exactly how things will work out.But I know Him.And I know He has me.He has us.And I trust Him.

3 thoughts to “The Minivan Battery Incident VS the Pandemic Crisis”

  1. Did your Husband learn to trust your instincts and take them seriously?I see so many men arrogantly putting their wives advice away like it does not matter.

    1. Ida,

      My husband values my perspective and feelings greatly.He always takes them into consideration and treats me like a queen.

      But I also trust him and know he will take great care of us.I no longer try to bulldoze him, control him, or force my way.

    2. Ida,

      PS- If you are in a difficult situation where you feel like you don’t have a voice in your marriage and you want to talk about it, please let me know.I have some resources that may be a blessing.


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